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amirisu Travel vol.1 Pattern Introduction -Wanderlust Linen-

February 05, 2022

amirisu Travel vol.1 パターン紹介 〜Wanderlust Linen編〜

Amirisu Travel is finally on sale.
All of them are worth knitting works created by wonderful designers. I would be happy if you could knit it and enjoy looking at the book like a photo book.

Well, the final episode is 3 patterns using Wanderlust linen .

Ohmi is a short-sleeved cardigan with a pattern of plants with buds all over.

The delicate patterns are arranged in an orderly manner like textiles, creating an elegant atmosphere. The round buds and twisted leaves and stems are beautiful, and you will feel good wearing them.

According to designer Mizuho, ​​the cute point is the loop-like buttonhole that is made at the very edge of the placket.

I think it would be cute to wear it with a summer dress with only the top button fastened.

This is Mahito , a bold plaid pullover.

The generous dolman sleeves make it easy to wear without showing your body line, and the slightly glossy linen creates a drape that creates a beautiful and mature silhouette.

Designed by Keiko. I don't see many hand-knitted checkered ones... so I decided to make one.
The vertical lines are intarsia and the threads are passed vertically, while the horizontal lines are woven while changing the color for each row. I can't believe I can express such a pattern with hand knitting! It makes me want to try knitting.

It's actually quite difficult to decide which work to shoot in which place. Considering the weather and where to change clothes, where is the place where the charm of the clothes can be used? and twist his head.

This time, most of the shots were taken in nature, but for this Mahito, I immediately decided, "I want to shoot in the city!" It's modern and the colors are pop, but for some reason it seems to match the old streets of Nara.
The shooting was done in a back alley near the amirisu Nara office, and it was a great answer.

And finally, Komyo , a triangular shawl with a fresh combination of fresh linen and fluffy mohair.

The pattern that is knitted only with linen and the pattern that is knitted with mohair are arranged alternately to form stripes. I want you to enjoy the difference in texture.

According to Meri, who designed it, the design was actually made with a lot of logic.
It's difficult to knit neatly with only linen, so I decided to match it with mohair, and made simple stripes so that the threads wouldn't stand out from the back.
In order to pick up the eyes neatly, the eyes are widened using the method of the Shetland shawl, and the optimum number of stitches has been calculated to give the hem a fluffy feeling. Think about the experiments that were repeated before the design was born, and try knitting.

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