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From amirisu magazine No. 21 -Bonebone-

November 25, 2020

amirisu magazine 21号から -Bonebone-

I hope you are enjoying the 21st issue of amirisu magazine, which was released in early November. This year, many yarn manufacturers are out of stock, and some of you may be thinking that it is difficult to purchase a kit .

The designer of this sweater, Miyuki, has always liked the herringbone pattern and wanted to incorporate it into her design someday. Find the fabric, now! That's what I thought.

Quarry is a thick thread, but it is very light because it is twisted so that air can be absorbed. This time we received Moonstone , which is a little beige, and Garnet , which is red. The basic Moonstone is a versatile player that goes well with any outfit, and the garnet has a nice subdued red color.

According to Miyuki, the point is the elastic knitting that continues from the side of the bodice to the sleeves! I think this sweater will be a fun piece to knit and wear.

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