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what are you knitting now? ~ Lucy from amirisu 18 ~

July 17, 2019

今何編んでる? 〜 amirisu 18号からLucy 〜

It seems that the Kanto region continues to have a rainy and cold season, but the Kansai region continues to have hot and humid days. My commute is already a tank top and flip flops.

Well, perfect for wearing in the middle of summer! The Tokyo store staff is knitting the Lucy that we have been introducing. What a wonderful idea to change the color of the front and back! It's very cute and popular in stores.

According to the staff, 4 skeins were used so perfectly that they couldn't put in the top knitting around the neckline. After blocking, the neckline was larger than the scheme size, so they closed it additionally so that it would fit the size.
And it looks really cool. If you knit it in chic colors, I think it's a piece that can be worn regardless of age.
Everyone, please enjoy knitting by matching colors.

Detailed information Thread used: amirisu Wanderlust Linen
Front #09 Canary 1 case, Rear #08 Yucatan 1 case
CC #05 Sahara 2 case size: XS-S size

* We also sell kits here . But of course, if you purchase Wanderlust Linen and Amirisu No. 18 in your favorite color, you can knit your own original Lucy.

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