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I want to be an artist -Tokuko's Knitting Work History 9-

May 25, 2019

After coming back to Kanagawa, I decided to find a cafe where I could hold a class. I had an acquaintance who was a café connoisseur, so I decided to do workshops and regular classes at a café near Musashikosugi, which he introduced me to.

Of course, I didn't have any name recognition at the time, so I worked as a teacher through trial and error.
I still remember that when I was hired as a lecturer at an apartment in Shoto in Shibuya to hold workshops aimed at OLs on their way home from work, I would make lunches every time to cut down on expenses. . You were eating your bento on the Tokyu Bunkamura bench before the WS. Anyway, at that time, I was desperate to achieve 60,000 yen.
Hironaka, an early member of the company, came to the socks workshop that I was doing at that time. I came to WS late, but I remember that I was very good and caught up with everyone in no time.

From this point on, the chronology of my teaching career is ambiguous, and I'm sure the students know when and what I was doing.
Since Musashikosugi's cafe suddenly closed, I went to the homes of those who wanted to continue teaching, and I was always looking for other classroom locations, such as a rental space in Fujigaoka, and that store was also closed. Then I rented another space in Jiyugaoka. I've been doing rental space at Cafe Miyama in Shibuya for a long time.

Many of my longtime students live in Kanagawa because my career started in Yokohama. Everyone, thank you very much for your long, long friendship! There are probably some students who moved around five classrooms. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When I was still teaching at the Musashikosugi café, the earthquake struck. After the earthquake, I wondered if I could do something with knitting, so I worked as a lecturer and as a volunteer for knitting. to reach.
"I'd like you to be a volunteer for the earthquake disaster and be a lecturer. Are you interested?" Meri is finally here!

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