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I want to be an artist -Tokuko's knitting work history 6-

May 13, 2019

Next, we moved to a house in Kyoto, but due to my husband's work, it was an unstable situation and we didn't know when we would move again, so for the time being, we agreed to do whatever we wanted. .

First of all, I attended a one-year spinning class at the Golden Sheep because I could only do it here. Yes, I do have a spinning wheel. At that time, I used to knit hats with spun yarn, and I did some sheep work, such as dyeing. So for the last few years it has become just an object.

Of course, the 60,000 yen challenge continued, and we were trying to sell at various events. However, the more I do it, the more I realize how difficult it is.
First, the price difference to what others are putting out. I was selling it by adding a little knitting fee to the material cost, but the price range was too different from those who sell accessories and sweets.
Also, it was painful that I could not confirm the atmosphere of the event unless I went there. I usually check the blogs and photos of people who are recruiting, but when I actually went there on the day, I was often disappointed.

The bags and children's clothing on my Ravelry early project page were actually made for events. I think I sold the yellow bag, but I gave the rest to my family and friends as gifts, and I don't have a single bag left.

The person who took care of me when I came to Kyoto was Kei from K Katayama tricot. We have been friends through blogging since the Kanagawa era. When I came to Kansai, my fashionable girlfriend took me to many wonderful places.
Room amie is the place I went to hang out with Kei. The yarn I met there and the shop owner, Mr. Kikumori, led to another opportunity to change my life.

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