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Notice of WS held in Tokyo store in March

March 06, 2018


It's already been a month since the Tokyo store moved to Minami Aoyama. It is early!

In addition to the usual lessons from this month, we have various workshops. If you want to try something new other than knitting, and if you want to try something other than knitting (this is me), please join us!

The first is ikebana. The same is true for me, but I thought Ikebana was too difficult for me to go to and learn. I'm sure there are many people like that.
Mr. Okawa, who I asked to be a lecturer this time, belongs to the Sogetsu school, but he says that he makes proposals that are suitable for modern living spaces.

When arranging flowers, it would be nice to understand how to arrange them to make them look nice. There must be some trick!
Not only flowers, but also plates for arranging flowers, scissors, etc. are all available. Come empty-handed. Of course, flowers can be taken home.
Click here for details.

Next is the workshop of TEMARICIOUS, a unit that is famous overseas.
This time, we will make a small temari and finish it as a shawl pin.

We have been friends with TEMARICIOUS since before the shop opened, but they are getting stronger year by year, and they have opened a real shop in Nishiogikubo! Finally, I was able to ask for a workshop. Like knitting, temari is a handicraft that requires a lot of effort, but I hope that this workshop will help you learn about the fun of temari.
Click here for details!

Spring is the perfect season to try new things. I hope you have a workshop that is perfect for your new feelings.

We are planning to continue from April, so please look forward to it.


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