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I want to be an artist -Tokuko's knitting work journey final episode-

June 13, 2019

When I was living in Kobe, my only job was teaching, but even if I devoted all my time to amirisu, I still wouldn't be able to finish my work. The two of us come up with one interesting thing after another, but we can't do it anymore. That was the situation.

As a result of the discussion between the two of us, Meri will quit the company and move to Kyoto. Then, I decided to set up an office and a small shop in Kyoto and make it a limited liability company.
I don't remember much about the duration of the discussion, but I'm sure we made a decision right away and started looking for a property.

Even though I was doing product sales, I had to make more profits than before, so I started with a lot of anxiety about how to make sales.
However, through my interaction with the students, I understood how much everyone was looking forward to amirisu, so I was optimistic that if I worked hard, the results would surely come. I feel like

Registered as a limited liability company in June 2014 and started preparations around July. We bought furniture from IKEA, assembled it together, purchased yarn, bought a PC, and opened a small shop/office in September.
I remember how happy I was when my students started lining up early on the first day.

Well, is it the last time yet? This is where the real thing begins! I think there is an opinion, but since it is a story until it becomes a company, this blog ends here. From here on, I have been working hard every day as a representative, and I am now.
Currently, the number of staff and business partners has increased, and my responsibilities are increasing day by day.

I want to make knitting my life's work. I am always grateful for meeting Ms. Meri, who agrees with my feelings and runs with me.

Thank you for your continued support of amirisu Co., Ltd.!

Amirisu Co., Ltd. Noriko Ochiai

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