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Until the sweater club is made 1

September 03, 2019

セータークラブができるまで 1

If it can be held safely, it will be the third sweater club this year. Hello, this is Tokuko, a designer.
Every summer, I ask the staff, "Hey, are you going to have a sweater club again this year?" Yes, it seems that I will do it again this year. This is hard, isn't it? It's work, so I'll do it.

Take care of yourself! The first is a sweater knitted with thick mohair, which is very popular in the knitting world. I decided to use KOKON thread. KOKON has solid chic colors, so I think everyone can wear it easily.

Look at magazines, search for sweaters on the web, and go to shops. Try knitting while looking for samples that may be helpful. This time I knitted 3 large swatches and kept thinking about it for 4 days.
It's simple, but you can enjoy the characteristics of the yarn to your heart's content, and you'll want to wear it every day. But that's the hardest part.

Actually, the biggest problem is that the world is still in fashion for drop-shoulder sweaters. It's the one with loose shoulders.
Personally, I was already tired of that shape, and when I wanted to design a different shape, it was a little difficult.
but! Late at night on Sunday, when I was looking at the new arrivals of a certain brand, it suddenly came down.

The point this time is:
・A design that can be enjoyed even with mohair that is difficult to knit!
- Loose set-in sleeves.
・But I make it, so there are backtracking and binding.

Let's go. For the time being, I'm thinking about how I can cover the difference in the gauge between the knitted fabric and the knitted pattern with a design. With thick thread, even one stitch difference can make a big difference, so the difference in gauge is a big problem.
First, let's move our hands.

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