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How about a cup of tea like this while knitting? 01

August 08, 2020

編み物しながら、こんなお茶いかが? 01

While knitting, have a cup of tea.
Tea that we want everyone to enjoy
"TE tea and eating" was selected by Mari Kawanishi.
Available from our online shop this summer!

Mr. Kawanishi is in charge of the cafe at the design unit "graf" based in Osaka,
I have worked on menus, products, and events related to tea and food.
Currently, he is working independently as the head of "TE tea and eating".
Coupled with the tea and Taiwan boom, while attention is increasing,
I, from the yomirisu editorial department, learned about the appeal of tea in advance of the event.
I hope it will be a chance to get close to tea.

The impression I had when I tasted it for the first time continues to this day.

What made Kawanishi-san become a tea lover?
It was a Taiwanese tea that I drank at the Asian restaurant "Popo-ya" in Kitahorie, Osaka.
Meishan oolong tea, high mountain tea from Meishan Township, Taiwan.
It grows at a high altitude of about 1200m and is known as a famous tea.
In order to fully enjoy the aroma of tea, we use a small teapot and an incense cup.
It seems that I tasted it in the kung fu ceremony.

“When you steam the tea leaves, pour hot water over the top of the teapot and wait for the tea leaves to open slowly. It was the first time I drank tea like that. I wanted to know."

Since then, I have been going to the Chinese tea class of “Chinese Tea Party Absurd Kucha” for 15 years.
I have tasted a variety of teas both in the classroom and privately.
Far from getting tired of it, the more he knew, the more he became addicted to it.

“We try four or five types of tea in one session, but each time we discover something different. Mr. Anxi Huang, the owner of "Uncha Kucha", chose tea according to the twenty-four seasons and arranged it beautifully. Not only did I gain knowledge about tea, but I also expanded into various worlds from tea, such as vessels, flowers, calligraphy, architecture, and music. The joy of knowing never ends. The older I get, the more joy I get. The teacher loves to eat, and as a glutton like me, he also serves dim sum and sweets. Tea and food became the axis of my own activities.”

Taste the tea, listen to the story, and the more you know, the more you want to experience it yourself. Finally, Mr. Kawanishi began to visit tea-producing regions. We talk with producers, buy tea leaves, make sweets that go well with tea, hold tea parties... We create a place that connects tea and people.

“The reason there are so many varieties of tea around the world is because it is so deeply rooted in our lives. I love holding tea ceremonies, but tea can be enjoyed at any time, so we should create more opportunities for coffee in our daily lives. Lately, I've been thinking

The tea you chose for amirisu this time is exactly what you can enjoy on a daily basis. Please look forward to the unveiling. The story will continue next time.

TE tea and eating
Mari Kawanishi
He is widely active through tea and food, such as holding tea parties and classes centered on Taiwanese and Chinese tea, selling tea, developing original tea products, and presiding over FANTASTIC MARKET (graf). Preparing online shop. Check the schedule on Instagram.

Editor & Writer
Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
Editor of amirisu's free magazine "yomirisu".

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