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4/7 Ustream broadcast

April 13, 2017

4/7 Ustream中継

[Newly Arrived Products]
・Mariko Mikuni and Shiho Nakashima's magazine "Sur"
Lesson bag kit with free pattern ・Kinchaku project bag (semi-order with a choice of several types of fabric)

[Clothes they were wearing]
Cardigan worn by Hironaka: Daffodil. Kit is on sale.
Bolero worn by Meri: Sakasama Jacket .

[Sweater that Meri was knitting]
Ready . Meri's project page is here .

*I am sorry that the Ustream broadcast on 4/22 (Sat.) had problems with the video due to poor signal conditions. Next time will be broadcast on 4/28 (Fri). looking forward to!