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7/8 live streaming log

July 11, 2017

7/8 ライブ配信ログ

Delivered from the Tokyo store this time! If you couldn't see it in real time, you can see it from this URL.

・Fibre Company Luma: Now on sale at the online shop .
・ Amirisu original badge: Available only at the Tokyo store.

[What they were knitting]
Tokuko: Rock Island yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Bale .
Meri: Rue Shawl. Kit is on sale.

・ We are accepting reservations for amirisu Supporters Club 2017 with lots of special benefits. Please see here for details.
・ Amirisu Super Sock Club 2017 is also available from the online shop ! The sales period is until the end of July. This time, we are going to have a popular hand-dyed yarn brand dye amirisu limited colors!