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6/30 live streaming log

July 04, 2017

6/30 ライブ配信ログ

If you couldn't see it in real time, you can see it from this URL.

・Colorful sock yarn: Retrosaria Rosa Pomar Mondim
・SASAWASHI : We are reselling the Savannna Clutch Bag kit . Also, this month's English WS will make this bag. Click here to apply.
・Myak Silk Yarn: Available for purchase here .
・Myak Baby Yak Yarn Lace: Available here .
・Blocking wire: The price is slightly reduced. You can purchase it here .
・Pink shawl: Kit is on sale.

[What they were wearing]
Tokuko: FarrowDress . The cloth is this linen. Color is Dur.
Meri: asagi . The thread is amirisu Wanderlust Linen.