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5/6 Ustream broadcast

May 07, 2017

5/6 Ustream中継

[Newly Arrived Products]
・Bis Sock self. Broken Jack kits for sale.
- Tapestry room set . This video explains how to use it easily.
・Haruni shawl. Kit is on sale.

[Clothes they were wearing]
Meri's tank top: Lindbergh. Kit is on sale.
Tank top worn by Tokuko: Slope. Kit is on sale. Only a few left!
The yellow and white border cardigan you wore on the way: Kits will be released soon, so please look forward to it!
Shawl worn by Meri: Rue Shawl . Thread is Quince & Co Sparrow.

[Scheduled events]
・We will hold a WS for knitting needle cases made with patchwork at the Kyoto store. Click here to apply ・The shawl fair will be held again this year at the Tokyo and Kyoto stores! Check out this blog for more details.