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5/11 Ustream broadcast

May 15, 2017

5/11 Ustream中継

The simultaneous broadcast with the Instagram live broadcast that started this time was well received, so from the next time onwards, we will do a live broadcast on Instagram! If you couldn't see it on time, you can watch the recorded video as usual on Ustream, so don't worry.

[Newly Arrived Products]
・Hedgehog Fibers Skinny Singles. The shawl kit designed by Andrea Mowry is now on sale at the online shop!
・Hedgehog Fibers Kid Silk Lace. You can also purchase Tokuco-designed border cardigans and Sun Ray kits from the online shop .
・Brooklyn Tweed New Yarn "Bale" will be on sale from the 17th. looking forward to!

[Clothes they were wearing]
Pullover worn by Meri: Francis . The yarn used is Kestrel from Quince & Co.
Tank top worn by Tokuko: Iris. Kit is on sale. The thread used is Shibui's Twig.

[Scheduled event]
・We will hold a WS for knitting needle cases made with patchwork at the Kyoto store. Click here to apply ・The shawl fair will be held again this year at the Tokyo and Kyoto stores! Check out this blog for more details.