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3/10 Ustream broadcast

March 10, 2017

3/10 Ustream中継

*Introduced in broadcast*
・On sale at the daily knitwear kit online shop.

・A lot of Isager threads have arrived. On March 11th (Sat), Helga will visit the Kyoto store to commemorate the release of her new book. There will also be an autograph session and an actual sample exhibition of the new Artisan book. For more information on times, please visit this blog.
Also, this month's English WS is a wrist warmer with domino knitting using Isager yarn. Designed by Marianne. Held at the Kyoto and Tokyo stores! We are recruiting from here .

*What they were wearing*
Sweater Tokuko wore: Good News Sweater
What Hironaka was wearing: Daffodil