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12/8 Ustream broadcast

December 09, 2016

12/8 Ustream中継
*Events and workshops introduced in the broadcast*
・For information on the Wool Folk Fair, click here . It will be held at the Tokyo store and the Kyoto store.
Click here to apply for English WS in December. Only the Kyoto store is still open. Slippers with a very interesting knitting method.
Click here for details of the patchwork class
*Introduced in broadcast*
・Slippers with mouton soles: Coming soon as a kit. looking forward to!
・ Click here for the corner where small items and hand-knitting kits that are perfect for gifts, such as ornaments, soaps, and brooch pins, are gathered.
・You can purchase Stone Wool, which is 100% Cormo wool, is soft and light , and has a nice color.
*What they were wearing*
Knit hat Tokuko was wearing: Father Cables
Meri's sweater: Lighthouse Pullover