January 02, 2024



The look back at the staff's knitting continues.

Today we have Momoka from the dyeing team, who started knitting seriously last year.

Something I enjoyed knitting last year: Campanella by Miki Teragaki

"This is the first shawl I knitted using Parade hand dyed, and it's something I'm very attached to! I made a lot of mistakes and had to undo them over and over again, so it took a long time, but it's become something that's all the more precious to me! I absolutely love the ruffles on the hem. "

She started with simple scarves for beginners and have improved so much. I imagine it must be a blessing to be able to knit with yarn that you have dyed yourself. She used Parade Ichigo Ichie color.


What I want to knit this year: Mikey by Tokuko Ochiai

"I want to knit it right now! I'm still a slow knitter, so my goal is to work hard and finish it while it's still cold."


Next up is Sanae from our Tokyo store.

What I enjoyed knitting last year: Campanella By Miki Teragaki

" Everyone at the Tokyo store knitted this pattern together. Due to shifts, it's almost impossible for all the Tokyo store members to get together, but before I knew it, everyone had started knitting (I was the last one to finish), and we showed each other on Instagram and when we met in person. We knitted it with the amirisu Cycle Handdyed Fairy Tale. The Cycle yarns contain Banboo , are soft to the touch, and all have cute colors, so I'd be happy if they're available in the store again next summer."

Following Momoka, Sanae also selected Campanella.
Knitting together is twice as fun. Cycle is a shiny, glossy yarn that is perfect for Campanella.
The project "#MikiTeragakiKAL_23," where everyone can knit Miki's designs, is being held on Instagram until January 10th. There will be prizes, so please participate.


Continuing with the pretty color projects, next up is Mei from the sewing shop Sail & Thread .

Something I enjoyed knitting last year: Sailor sweater by Anne Ventzel

"This was my first time using swing, and it was light, warm, and very easy to knit. I wanted to use Uschitita's hand-dyed yarn , but I didn't know what kind of patterns were suitable for hand-dyed yarn. I bought my favorite hand-dyed yarn, but when I tried to knit it, I couldn't bring out the cuteness... I felt sad. Then I discovered the secret of Swing Secret Virgo! It matched perfectly with the Uschitita hand-dyed colors I had, so I decided to knit a sweater with it! It was fate 🥹
The original Sailor sweater has a crisscross pattern, but the two colours are so close that the pattern is not visible, so I changed it to four rows of stockinette stitch."

You can feel Mei's joy as she senses that this is fate.
The light pink of MC is Swing, the striped part is Uschitita, and the silk mohair Kinari from DARUMA is also included. The fuzzy stripes and thick sleeves are so cute.

What I want to knit this year: Mikey by Tokuko Ochiai

She said she wanted to use the remaining Swing.
Mikey is very popular among our staff. It looks like we'll all be wearing matching hoods this year.