January 30, 2020

Master the acorn program!

The acorn program started the other day, but I think everyone is steadily saving acorns. We have heard that you don't know what's different, and that you don't know how to use acorns.

First, let me explain how the new acorn program works.

In our online shop:
You can check the number of acorns you have by pressing the "Acorn Program" that appears on the top page while logged into your account.

In store:
At the time of payment, the staff will search your account by e-mail address, etc., and will also attach acorns for shopping at the store.
If you do not have an account, we will create one for you if you wish.

It's a great way to benefit your customers!

We have received many requests to use the acorns collected at the store in the online shop. With this system, you can save acorns both in store and online, and use them in the same way in both.

how to use acorns

Once you have accumulated 500 acorns, you can issue a coupon.

First, press the point program icon on the top screen to display this screen. If you have accumulated 500 acorns, "Use 500 acorns" will be displayed, so press the button to use.

Would you like to issue a 500 yen coupon? Press the green check button.

A coupon code has been issued. A copy button will appear, so press it and the code will be copied.

Just go shopping and paste it in the "gift card or discount code" area.

This is the most important thing! When the code is applied, the screen will look like this and the amount will be changed. Please be sure to check if the amount has changed.

If you want to use acorns at the store, please ask the staff.

Also, this acorn program does not apply to lesson products.
note that.

If you have any questions about the Acorn Program, please call the Kyoto head office at 075-708-7210 or email us . Please feel free to contact us.