amirisu Certified Instructors

The following information is provided through machine translation. Lessons by amirisu and certified instructors are conducted in Japanese.

List of certified instructors

Knitting teachers recommended by amirisu. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher directly.

・Itoetsuko, Toyama Prefecture
Instagram @ etsuko-neroliknit

We are holding a workshop that you can feel free to participate in. In the future, we plan to start regular classes for those who want to challenge not only sentence patterns but also English patterns, and for those who want to knit at their own pace. It would be great if I could write about "a life with knitting" with everyone.
Time to get excited about what to knit next. Time to be carefree. Time to relax. So that you can feel that “life with knitting” is good.

・Hokkaido Kochinako
Instagram : @nkouchi
I live in a small town in eastern Hokkaido, where fishing and dairy farming are the main industries. I love the quiet time when we get together and chat while moving our hands.
I want to increase the number of friends who enjoy sailing together in the wide sea of ​​"the world of knitting".
With that in mind, we are planning workshops for beginners and classes where you can knit whatever you like at your own pace.

Shindou Junko
Instagram : @jun.jun.knit
At a cafe near Kichijoji Station, we hold regular knitting lessons and knitting parties (meetings where knitting enthusiasts gather) several times a month.
We will support your "I want to knit!", such as English patterns, Japanese sentence patterns, and Japanese knitting patterns.
In addition, from October 2022, we will newly establish a total of seven [curriculum-based lessons for beginners of Japanese sentence patterns].
For those of you who have been shy about writing patterns because you are not good at it, let's aim to improve your skills while having fun.

Minor Kanako
Kana Knitting
Instagram : @kana_knitting
HP preparation We are holding a knitting cafe (knitting meeting) and a free lesson that you can bring freely in the vicinity of Musashi Koyama on the Chugoku Express Meguro Line. In the future, we plan to increase the number of classes such as workshops for beginners and regular lessons. I would like to share the joy of knitting fashionable and wonderful things by myself and support them.

・ Kanako Nakazono in Kanagawa
Instagram : @mamazono
I'm planning to start a classroom and ws. From children to adults, we are thinking of a form that can come at each pace.
I started knitting with my grandmother. The joy of being able to knit what you want to knit by increasing what you can do little by little. Time to silently immerse yourself in knitting. The excitement of meeting a wonderful yarn, etc. I love living with knitting.

How to become a certified teacher

The hurdles for certification requirements are a little high, but I hope we can increase the number of people who want to spread wonderful knitting with us.

Please see details below. Tokuko will be in charge of your questions.
Please feel free to contact us at

Benefits of becoming an amirisu certified instructor

  1. Listed as a certified lecturer on amirisu's website
  2. Advertise as a certified instructor
  3. You can hold a classroom using the WS pack, which is a kit of patterns and yarn prepared by amirisu, and use it to advertise.
  4. You can teach "basic courses" and "application courses" to your own students.
  5. You can receive the latest information on overseas knitting situations and new techniques, and exchange information such as concerns about classroom management.
  6. Orders from the amirisu online shop can be purchased at a discounted price

How to become a certified

  1. It is a prerequisite that you have taken the basic and applied courses offered by amirisu and received a certificate of completion.
  2. and to take an exam for a certified teacher. The skills required are as follows
    1. Knitting works with English patterns
    2. Be able to knit a work that you have designed and drafted yourself
    3. Have a place where you can start your teaching business

The exam fee is 5,500 yen (tax included), and the annual membership fee as a certified instructor is 11,000 yen (tax included). You can take the exam at any time.
Basic courses and applied courses are held online and at physical stores, but if there is no sale here, you will have to wait for the start of the course.