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Needle Knitting "Online" Basic Course

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Please purchase this lesson separately.

We have created a Q&A due to the large number of questions we receive. Please see here first.
I also write a blog . Please use it as a reference for your course.

In this course, you will learn how to draw and calculate set-in sleeve sweaters, as well as top-down calculation methods, which are popular overseas, and how to think about them.
Once you are able to make drafts, you will be able to knit a size that fits you with your favorite design, and you will also be able to understand where to modify existing patterns to make them fit your body. prize.
In addition, top-down can be knitted only by calculation without drawing.
I hope you will experience the joy of being able to calculate and knit what you like by yourself.

This is the first time I've dropped what I've been doing face-to-face until now online. The main difference is the specialization in drafting and calculation. Of course, if you actually knit it, you will understand it better, but it is difficult to see the knitted fabric on the Internet environment, so this time I only made drawings and calculations.
I think it's perfect for those who want to study drafting and calculation efficiently.

This is a lesson that is usually only held in Tokyo and Kyoto, so please join us!

It's over the screen, but I want to teach you hard as usual! Please join us.


Course details・All 5 courses. Each session will last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.
Friday 14:00 start
11/25, 12/23, 1/27, 2/24, 3/17

・Capacity: 10 people

・ Course fee 44,000 yen (tax included)

Material costs are not included here. All you need to prepare is a drafting ruler and a writing utensil. For the first time, you will need to prepare a drafting ruler like this one, but if you live overseas or for some other reason it is difficult to prepare the above tools, please contact us first. We will inform you of the alternative.

・Lecturer: Ochiaito Kuko

・How to attend
We will use an online conferencing system called zoom. You need to download the app here and set it up before the meeting. Using the app is free. We will do it while looking at everyone's faces, so please refrain from showing your face.
・Although you can participate with a smartphone, we recommend using a tablet or PC. If the screen is small, it may be difficult to see when explaining materials, etc., so it may be disadvantageous for studying.
・Once you purchase the course, we will send you the meeting ID, password, and materials to join the zoom session by email within a few days.

important point
1. We do not provide support for zoom. Please participate only if you can solve the problem yourself. On the first day of the lesson, we will have about 15 minutes to check if zoom is running properly. If you are worried, we recommend that you use zoom in advance with your friends.
2. We do not provide a service to record lessons and watch them later. Please be sure to participate at that time. If you are unable to attend, we will send you the materials.
3. Every time there will be homework to submit drawings, calculations, and design drawings. Participation conditions are those who can send and receive images and PDFs by e-mail.
4. For those who understand the basics of knitting, increasing and decreasing stitches, flechage knitting, etc. Even if you can't do gauge calculations and drafting, it doesn't matter. I want you to knit at least one sweater.
5. Those who have successfully completed the basic course will proceed to the advanced course.
6. No refunds will be given for not being able to participate in Zoom.

Course content
1. Designing a set-in sleeve ・How to think about how to incorporate your favorite shape into a drawing ・How to draw a set-in sleeve ・How to choose a thread that matches the design you want ・Precautions when adding a pattern How to take points/gauges, and all associated calculation methods

1st time: How to design, how to measure, how to draw
2nd time: How to calculate armhole reduction and number of shoulder stitches
3rd time: Calculation of flechage, How to divide the stitches of the front body, Calculation method of the sleeves

2. Top-down sweater and its design Learn the concept of top-down knitting and basic calculation methods.
4th: Top-down basic Raglan calculation method
5th time: Top-down calculation method with difference between front and back and other arrangement methods

We are planning an application course for instructors that can only be taken by those who have finished this course. You will learn the design and drafting of cardigans, drop shoulders, raglan sweaters, round yoke sweaters, and a business lecture on classroom management. Those who have completed the applied course will receive a certificate of amirisu certification.
Those who have finished up to the application course can take the exam of "amirisu certified instructor" .

We collected the voices of the students・The fixed concept disappeared and I became able to knit freely.
・I learned how to design and how to add and subtract.
・I learned a lot from the discussions on the designs submitted by everyone.
・I'm glad I was able to properly study set-in sleeves and stitching.
・Until now, I had only knitted according to Japanese knitting patterns, but it was good to be able to understand the structure of a sweater.
・I wasn't sure if I had reached the level where I could learn drafting, but I was able to learn how to knit a sweater even though I was a beginner in drafting.