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Woolfolk Kit Ordering Event Information

January 27, 2023

Woolfolk キット受注会のご案内

I thought it was an idol-like message that it was a once-in-a-decade cold wave, but a little while ago, large snowflakes began to fall (in Kyoto), and it started to fall as if it were approaching. rice field. Today is January 24th. Ladies and gentlemen, please take care of yourself.

This is an imminent announcement, but from the day after tomorrow, January 26th, we will be holding an order meeting for amirisu's original kit knitted with Woolfolk yarn.
*Due to the heavy snow, delivery service has stopped, so we have decided to postpone it. I am very sorry.

Woolfolk has been selling amirisu since its launch, but it was a shocking encounter for the staff who had never touched imported yarn so much. I think Far was the first to arrive, but the chic color variations, the chain-like lightness, and the fluffy and smooth texture that you can feel just by putting it on your hand made me excited, saying, "This is the first time I've ever had such a high-quality thread!" Thing. After that, Woolfolk will always be listed when it comes to "reward for yourself" or "gift for close friends". We have more Woolfolk products and many other imported yarns, but they are still special.

Original pattern making started with the idea that Woolfolk yarn could be developed in an amirisu way. Designed by amirisu familiar designers with their own sensibilities. At this order meeting, we will exhibit the designed samples and accept orders for the kit.

[Date and time, place] The schedule has been changed!
January 27th (Friday) to January 31st (Tuesday) @ WALNUT Tokyo
February 3rd (Friday) to February 4th (Saturday) @WALNUT Kyoto
February 2nd (Thursday) to February 6th (Monday) @ online shop

*Schedule may change due to heavy snow.
*This time, orders will be taken in kit units. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that you cannot apply for the yarn alone.

[Participating designers]
Mizuho Komiya, Tokuko Ochiai, Miki Teragaki,
Keiko Kikuno, Hiromi Otsuru

At the order events at WALNUT Tokyo and WALNUT Kyoto, you can actually see 5 samples and choose.
On such a cold day, the warmth of Woolfolk seems to permeate.
Please come and see the online shop at the store.

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