June 01, 2021

Wanderlust Linen New Collection (1)

Wanderlust Linen新コレクション (1)

Wanderlust Linen is a chain-like, light and very easy to knit, amirisu original yarn that is popular in the summer. A new collection using the linen has been announced.

First, Gagarin in the top photo.

“By adding tucks at the neck, it looks like a skipper. But that’s the main point. I wanted to make it possible for people who don't know anything to try it, so I didn't have to do a lot of work," says designer Tokuko.

What do you pay attention to when knitting? When I asked him, "Please reduce the tuck at the neck tightly so that there is no looseness. The neck is folded back and sewn on the back, but there is generally no problem here! No one can see the back. Don't worry, you can stretch your sleeves as you please."

Please feel free to knit with your favorite color.

The second is Darwin. A vest with a ribbon at the waist.

Mr. Otsuru, who is also a teacher at the Tokyo store that designed it, said, "Wanderlust has a very beautiful sheer knit and the knitted fabric is very light. It's easy to knit for 100% linen, and I think it's a unique yarn. .

The point of this vest is the feeling of falling shoulders. I aimed for a place that does not drop the shoulders too much and is not too narrow. You can wear it with a T-shirt as shown in the photo, or if it gets a little warmer, you can wear it with a tank top and the arms will not stick out too much. ”

The waist ribbon can be tied either front or back, so you can enjoy various atmospheres.

Wanderlust means travel fever and wanderlust. Did you know that this linen collection takes its design name from Adventurer? One of my pleasures is to find out what kind of adventures these people have had.

Well then, the introduction of the other two designs will come later!