June 04, 2016

Summer Shawl KAL begins!

Summer Shawl KAL starts today!

KAL is a knitting event called Knitting Along. We all knit the same pattern and proceed with knitting while sharing information. It is an event where everyone can enjoy knitting, which tends to be "alone", by being encouraged by seeing how other people are progressing, teaching what they don't understand.

This time, we will sell a kit for Shawl KAL.
A set of amirisu recommended threads and patterns. There are two types of patterns: a standard shawl and a circular shawl.

First, the standard shawl kit.
For the thread, we have prepared Artistincto lace thread. Artistincto is a yarn that is carefully dyed one by one by Lotta, a Swedish dyer. There are various colors, materials, and lengths, all of which are one-of-a-kind. Due to circumstances, wool thread may be the last in stock this time.
It's a really beautiful thread, and it's very soft to the touch.
Artistincto thread. Rare.

The pattern will put together the following three patterns (English).
I chose a pattern to match the Artistincto thread. Anything you knit will look great.
It's also a good idea to decide on a thread you like first and choose a pattern that matches it later.

Interview With The Vampire
Beautiful fine lace pattern.
Blooming Stitch Shawl
A lot of flower lace.
High Seas - Charted Pattern
I want to knit with a blue gradation!

Next is a circular shawl that you want to knit once.
There are two patterns. Popular Mystic Star and Lucca (also English pattern).
Mystic Star


Choose from Mother and Road To China threads.
Many people may have been interested in this thread. I would love to have this opportunity.

This time, we will set up a question board dedicated to KAL. Tokuko will answer all your questions. I will help you to enjoy knitting, so even if you are not confident about English patterns, please try it. Only those who purchased the kit can log in here.

Of course, we will prepare a present this time as well!
For those of you who use Instagram, please use the hashtag #amirisukal16wip to post your progress on the shawl. From this hashtag, you can see photos of members participating in KAL.
And when the shawl is complete, please post it with the hashtag #amirisukal16fo. We will send a gift from amirisu by lottery from everyone who posted a wonderful photo.

Of course, I knit Tokuko and Meri.
We are looking forward to your participation!

Shop here.
Artistincto Shawl KAL Kit
Mother Shawl KAL Kit
Road To China Shawl KAL Kit