September 15, 2020

Stephen West's MKAL2020

Stephen WestのMKAL2020

Stephen West's MKAL will start on October 9th again this year!

MKAL stands for Mystery Knit Along. Part of the pattern will be announced every week, and everyone will share the progress while knitting, and in a month, a wonderful shawl will be completed. As you may have seen in the amirisu samples, the Rockefelle r, Exploration Station , and The Doodler were also designs originally announced as MKAL.

KAL will start in October, and the following thread amounts have been announced for that.

Fingering weight

MC - 766yds/700m
CC1 - 399yds/365m
CC2 - 399yds/365m
CC3 - 399yds/365m

If you look at the kits that Stephen introduces on Instagram, there are some that have a strong contrast, and others that are assembled in five colors that all blend together. Ladies and gentlemen, you have hand-dyed threads that you take care of at home! How about pulling it out and thinking about color matching? If there is a missing color, I think it would be fun to look forHedgehog Fibers , Walk Collection , Madelinetosh , etc.

At first, I thought that a 5-piece shawl might be too big, but it seems that you will also be introduced to tips on how to make it a little smaller .

Why not join the MKAL festival at the beginning of autumn?