April 17, 2016

"Book of socks knitted with Ravelry's popular patterns" release commemorative fair @ Walnut Tokyo

In commemoration of the release of "Book of socks knitted with popular Ravelry patterns", a fair will be held at the WALNUT Tokyo store.

"Book of socks knitted with popular patterns from Ravelry" Release Commemorative Fair

Period: April 21 (Thursday), April 23 (Saturday), April 24 (Sunday) 3 days
Time: During business hours (13:00-18:00)

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You can actually take a look at the heel part and other areas of concern.
Please take a look at it to your heart's content. You can try it on.

Of course, we also sell kits, so you can start knitting your favorite pair right away.
Feel the happiness of wrapping your feet in socks that you have knitted yourself.