October 15, 2020

MKAL has started!


Stephen West's MKAL (Mystery Knit A Long), which was introduced in Mari's eye the other day, has started. Part of the pattern is sent once a week, and if you knit along it, the shawl will be knitted in a month. It is truly a mystery to proceed without knowing what kind of shape or pattern it will be!

Until last year, I couldn't participate either, but this year I found the feeling of solving the riddle very attractive, and I was looking forward to receiving the first pattern - Clue 1 on October 9th. . The number of participants this year is overwhelmingly large among Stephen's MKAL in the past. It's exciting to think that knitters around the world are knitting the same pattern.

Stephen said, ``There are many people who want to continue without knowing what they can knit, so don't put the knitted fabric on the first page of SNS or Raverly!'' I was intrigued and had the urge to see it. But I managed to finish the first Clue within a week and wait for the next pattern to arrive.

For those who want to participate in this KAL, I think there is still time. Please look for threads and participate in the Stephen Festival!

Amirisu's KAL, #TREKSOCKALONG until the end of this week. Please keep posting on Instagram as well.