February 21, 2019

Melody Hoffmann Fair Information

Melody Hoffmannフェアのご案内

The plum blossoms are blooming, and you can feel the arrival of spring.
Spring is coming like this, fluffy, rolling, isn't it?

Well, February's WALNUT fair is a designer's fair.
February's designer is Melody Hoffmann.
Melody's work, which specializes in elegant and cute designs, will be exhibited and kits will be sold.

Melody is a young designer living in Latvia.
I'm actively working on distributing videos on Youtube and providing designs to Laine.
He is also a Japanophile, and he seems to be checking amirisu's Instagram Live (I'm so happy!).
This time, when I asked him to lend me a sample, he kindly lent me an important piece.
The number, 13 points. I will show you all!

↑ A memo attached to the package of the sample.

The person himself seems to be petite, and the size is suitable for us Japanese.
It's cute like a wild flower, and just looking at the sample makes me feel warm and gentle.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Address: Casa Aoyama 102, 3-15-4 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6427-2997

Address: 745 Kikuyacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City
It is on the 2nd floor of the (Wakamiya-dori Matsubara Agaru) building.
Phone: 075-708-7210

・Date and time:
Tokyo store: 2/26 (Tue) - 3/2 (Sat) 11:00-18:00
*Business hours are 13:00-20:00 only on Fridays.
*The fair will end at 17:00 on the final day, March 2nd (Sat).
※We are closed on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. please note.

Kyoto store: 3/6 (Wed) - 3/12 (Tue) 11:00-18:00
*Closed on Sundays and Mondays. please note.

・Sales of content sample display kits (with Japanese pattern)

We are planning to sell this kit.