June 05, 2021

Sewing brand "knot" starts

ソーイングブランド 「knot」 始めます

Hello, this is Tokuko. Over the past few years, amirisu has introduced fabrics and patterns from overseas, and has recommended sewing as well as knitting. I was a beginner when it came to sewing clothes, but I am slowly gaining experience and am enjoying sewing in the spring and summer.

What is your least favorite part of sewing? What do you think of when asked? I definitely want to "copy the pattern".
Japanese books come with a list of patterns, but many sizes and patterns are mixed on the same pattern paper. , finally proceed to the process of cutting the cloth.
I've copied the pattern wrong 3 times! And I cut the cloth as it was, and I made a big mistake. I know my sloppy nature is not suited for this task, but I'm exhausted just looking for the right line that I should copy.

In that respect, overseas patterns are very easy. All you have to do is cut the paper pattern and you're done! It's just that I don't have that copying work, and I'm excited.
But the problem is that the process explanation is in English. I'm good at knitting in English, but I'm a beginner at sewing, so even technical terms in Japanese are difficult to begin with.

Sewing is summer! I've been recommending it year after year, but as a beginner, I actually had a lot of dissatisfaction. In that case, we decided to start knot because we couldn't realize it without launching our own brand.

First, knot will start selling 3 items, one piece, top and pants, as a PDF download.
The method is to print it out on A4 size paper and stick it on to make a single pattern paper. It's troublesome, but the best advantage is that you can print as many times as you want.
What is the difference between the pattern paper to copy? You may be wondering, but there is no need to strain your eyes to find the correct line. I highly recommend it for people like me who make mistakes.

From the next blog, I will talk about each pattern in detail.