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Introduction of Kiki Dress・I tried wearing various sizes

June 18, 2021

Kiki Dressのご紹介・色々なサイズを着てみました

Kiki is an A-line dress that has round and V-neck collars, short-sleeves, long-sleeves, and sleeveless sleeves, and two lengths that can be freely combined. There are also slash pockets on both sides.

Anyway, you can enjoy various versions, so it's a great value pattern. When you try to print it, you may be surprised by the number of pages, but please rest assured that you can select the number of pages of the pattern paper you want to make and print it.

The reason why I planned this dress is because I wanted to make a summer dress that I often wear.
During the summer vacation, my husband and I look forward to relaxing at a resort by the sea.
For me, the three things I need are: Washable, easy-to-wear fabric that looks good, and if you add shoes and accessories, you can use it at dinner time. This is unlikely. Things that look good are usually not washable. I think it's nonsense to wear it in the middle of summer and not wash it.
You can make your own favorite things this year! So I'm happy even though I haven't made it yet.

Next is an introduction to the size. Me, Meri, and 3 staff members tried on different sizes. This pattern is a PDF download, so you can make it in any size. Please choose your favorite size and make it.
M (10) size, long sleeves, round collar, short length: Chamomile pattern Daruma Fabric, Chamomile
XL(14) Size・Sleeveless・V-Neck・Short Length: Geometric Conservatory Fabric, Vestige by Bookhou
The photos are arranged in the order of .

Tokuko, height 155cm

Long-sleeved M (10) size It feels like a slightly loose dress. If you want to match pants etc. below, the shorter length seems to fit.
The sleeveless XL (14) size is short, but the length looks good. I was able to wear the size without any problem.

Wearing M(10) size Pippi pants

Meri, height 153cm

The long-sleeved M (10) type suits Ms. Meri the best. If you're going to wear long sleeves, you may want a width that's perfect for your size.
The sleeveless XL (14) size has a different atmosphere from Tokuko. It looks like it's good to have a long type.

Wearing M(10) size Pippi pants

staff, height 164cm

Even if you are tall, both of them seem to have good length. After that, I think that it is good to decide the size depending on how you think about the margin of the width of the body.

Wearing M(10) size Pippi pants

Please refer to the photos and have fun with various fabrics and sizes!

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