June 10, 2020

I want to knit Joji's new Monstera Cardigan!

Jojiの新作、Monstera Cardiganを編みたい!

I want to knit this cardigan the moment I see it! I thought. I'm not good at cable knitting, and I don't know if the shape will suit me. However, there are some designs that really appeal to me. The shape is simple, but the knitted fabric with countless cables intertwined is really nice. It may be difficult to knit so many cables with thin thread, but designer Joji says, "It takes time to knit, but I think it will be a cardigan that will last a lifetime."

The specified thread is Merino Sports from La Bien Aimée , but I think you can also knit with Fingering thread. I'm still having fun deciding whether to use a mixed color thread like the sample or a more subdued single color thread.