March 24, 2021

Brooklyn Tweed Dapple

Brooklyn Tweed Dapple

When I first touched Dapple , I thought, what a unique thread. It is very soft and smooth, yet has a rustic feel to it, and even within one color, each shade is dyed differently. The knitted fabric is light and gentle while giving the refreshing feeling of cotton.

Brooklyn Tweed, who always makes special yarns with materials harvested in the United States, aimed for a yarn that can be knit like wool and worn like a cotton sweatshirt. After pursuing it, it seems that it has become a blend of 60% merino wool and 40% cotton. It's perfect for the coming season.

Ginn by Jared Flood

Universe by Megumi Sawada

Both designs are very nice.

All the colors are cute, so I want to knit with this! Why don't you try picking up something that hits you?

It looks like the Tokuco Design vest will be on sale soon, so please look forward to that as well.