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Please cooperate with simple packaging

July 02, 2019


Amirisu will make the following changes in sequence.

・At the store, only thin paper is wrapped, and paper bags are handed over to those who need them.

・Do not put online shop products in OPP bags (plastic bags), but directly into the shipping bag.

・Affix barcodes directly to products such as books and beverages that do not affect the use of stickers.

See below for details.

Recently, marine pollution caused by plastic has become a hot topic, and restaurants are moving to stop using straws and switch to paper straws.

A lot of plastic waste is generated just by eating, drinking or shopping outside. In addition to convenience, it is also caused by excessive packaging as a result of the store's concern that it should not be rude to customers. We have also done so.

At amirisu, the sales of the online shop are large, and since last year we have been shipping from the warehouse, so we put most of the small items in OPP bags to attach barcode stickers. Books are included as needed. I put it in before shipping, and I also use it at the store. Once the goods arrive, you will be stunned by the amount of OPP bags used.

Earlier this year, the two of us traveled to Australia and Scotland, and we experienced a bit of culture shock. In most shops, the product was handed over as it is, with only a little wrapping in thin paper (often not wrapped). Whether it was a plastic bag or a paper bag, I had to ask for it when I really needed it. It's the same at yarn stores and boutiques.

I felt that the world was definitely changing. It's on the right track. I felt that only our company was left behind. I want to do something with amirisu. I think so, and I've been starting a phased initiative for a few months.

At the store, we use thin paper with the amirisu logo for simple packaging. We have prepared paper bags, so please feel free to ask if you need them. OPP bags are basically not used except in special cases such as heavy rain.

For the kits sold at the online shop, we will put the product in the shipping bag as it is, or put it in a paper bag if the barcode sticker cannot be attached directly to the product, such as a cloth bag. For products such as coffee and tea, where affixing a sticker on the package does not affect the use of the product, we will affix the barcode directly to the product.

Since paper bags are sent back and forth between stores and warehouses, it is expected that they will wrinkle and fold. Please understand that we cannot exchange items unless the items inside are dirty.

Items that are currently in OPP bags will be sold as is for the time being. We will switch in order.

The bags used for online shop shipping are waterproof. We have shipped tens of thousands of items so far, but we have never received any complaints about getting wet. As long as there is no problem, we plan to ship the item directly here.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I hope that we can work together, no matter how small, to leave a beautiful earth for our children and grandchildren. Thank you for your continued support of amirisu, WALNUT Kyoto, and WALNUT Tokyo.

Ochiaito Kuko, Tanakameri, and Amirisu

*On a different note, I read this article on Patagonia's website a few years ago and was shocked. An article on how microfibers that fall out of clothing made with synthetic fibers is causing devastating environmental damage. I would like to work on chemical fibers as well.

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