June 30, 2018

For you who want to become a designer


amirisu will start a "pattern production contract service" as a new service.

Recently, Japanese designers have become active all over the world, but the field of writing patterns is still new, so I think that all the necessary work is done by individual designers.
This is a project where the amirisu pattern team, which makes a large number of patterns, will help us with that work.

I made my first design eight years ago. The Dots Yoke Sweater pictured on this blog. The impetus was an enthusiastic request from an American who saw the project uploaded to Ravelry.
Of course, I've never written a pattern before, so I'm not very good at English. I referred to a large number of English patterns and wrote them, and the Americans checked my English for free, and it was completed successfully. As soon as I uploaded it to Ravelry, it sold three copies in a row, and I remember dancing in the middle of the night.
My efforts back then are a wonderful memory for me, but I hope that current aspiring designers will be able to create patterns more easily.

The services we provide are as follows:
Technical editing, English translation, layout and charting, Ravelry setup

Today, I would like to explain about "technical editing", which is not so common in your image.
Technical editing is a word that is not often heard in Japan, but it is one of the most important tasks in pattern production.

Currently, text pattern production in Japan is generally done by test knitting in all sizes to verify the consistency of the pattern, but overseas it is common to verify this through technical editing. . Perhaps major manufacturers only do technical editing, and it seems that there are places that do not do test knitting at all.
Actually, if there are many testers, errors can be eliminated! That's not to say it's a difficult part of pattern making. The same can be said for the amirisu team, after a lot of learning and experience, we have been creating patterns for the past few years with the style of technical editing + one tester.

In addition, this work is highly specialized and requires designer-level knitting knowledge and skills, as well as calculation and proofreading skills.
The amirisu pattern team consists of only 3 people and does everything except layout and chart production. My proud team!

If you are interested in the contents, please specify "Pattern production contract service material request" in the subject line and let us know your name, Ravelry ID, Instagram, etc.
We will send you a PDF document with price range and detailed contents to the email you received.
Therefore, please refrain from using mobile phone addresses.

Please direct all inquiries to the address below. Ochiai is in charge.