February 16, 2017

Would you like to come to the knit cafe?

A knit cafe held every month at the Kyoto store. Bring what you are knitting now and let's knit while having fun chatting! This is a meeting.
Meri and Tokuko join in and spend two hours knitting while just chatting.
It used to be a style that didn't need a reservation, but it has become a reservation system from this month.
From the Walnut Kyoto lesson page , select the knit cafe date and knit cafe, put it in the cart and pay as it is!
Of course we also accept calls to the shop.
If you are knitting alone at home, let's have a lively discussion about knitting while surrounded by yarn from the shop! We look forward to your participation.
Knit Cafe / 14:00-16:00
From 14:00 on the last Tuesday of every month Fee 500 yen.
This is a fun knitting party, so please refrain from those who want to learn something.