December 06, 2022

Guidance of the year-end and New Year business


We've entered December.
It's a brave thing to rush into the season, but the season starts in September, and there are products I want to introduce, events, and magazines. That's what it feels like. I would like to run hard until I pay my job.

Well, amirisu will be open as follows this year-end and New Year holidays.
We are trying to stay open until the end of the year as much as possible, so please come and visit us if you are going out or returning to the suburbs of Kyoto or Tokyo.

[Store opening schedule]
Common to WALNUT Kyoto and Tokyo stores
End of the year December 28 (Wednesday) until 15:00
January 10th (Tuesday) from 11:00 am

From December 22nd (Thursday), the year-end lottery will be held!
・If you spend 7,700 yen (tax included) or more, you will win the lottery and you will not lose.
・The 1st prize (1 person) will be 4 skeins of your favorite color of Parade or Trek in the shop (handdyed is excluded).
・For the 2nd prize, miscellaneous goods and patterns related to knitting are available.
・Please note that the event will end as soon as the prizes run out.

[Regarding mail order shipping]
Orders with payment confirmed by 13:00 on Tuesday, December 27th will be shipped within the year. We will start shipping the new year from Friday, January 6th, but depending on the concentration of orders, it may take longer than usual to deliver.
If you are looking for knitting for winter vacation, please order as soon as possible.