October 20, 2022

Address confirmation request: Regarding purchases at the online shop


Thank you very much for all your orders every day for the knitting season!

Let's talk inside today.
A new app has been added to the online shop system, and a little action will be added after payment. Customers will be asked to take some time, so please do so.

As for what kind of app it is, it's a "delivery address confirmation" app.

In the future, you may see a pop-up like this when you complete your purchase. Address verification pop-up. If there is a possibility that your registered shipping address is incorrect, a suggested address (an address that appears to be correct) will be displayed.
If the registered address is correct, select "This address is fine", and if the suggested address is correct, select "Use this address".
A popup will appear only when there is a possibility of a mistake.

Even if your registered shipping address is written in English, a pop-up message will appear asking you to change it to Japanese. Please update your suggestion address.

Actually, there were so many mistakes in the shipping address that I was looking for a better way. It was a minor mistake that made me feel like "I'm sorry!", but there was an inquiry from the delivery company, and it took time and effort to confirm with the customer and change it manually.
I found this app. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check a little bit at the end of shopping.

By the way, the pattern where the first and last names are reversed is as common as the wrong address. Since amirisu uses an overseas system, the name is first in the input field, but since I enter in the order of "last name" → "first name", sometimes the first name and last name are reversed . This can not be fixed in the app, so if you notice it, I would appreciate it if you could fix it.

All the staff will do their best to deliver the goods as smoothly as possible. Thank you very much.