June 05, 2024

When you want to buy a pattern


Recently popular Largo Sweater .
A pullover knitted by hand-dyed fingering weight yarn and thick mohair (Daruma Wool Mohair is recommended).
The design itself is simple, but the texture that appears depending on the combination of threads is completely different, so it is interesting and it is a pattern that requires effort in selecting threads.

We always combine yarns and patterns to create beautiful works and introduce them as kits.
If this happens, please contact us.
It depends on the pattern, but once you have purchased the yarn, you can share the pattern.

This is how we sell our patterns.

  1. Please choose your thread.
  2. Please write "XX pattern desired" and the pattern name in the message column at the time of payment.
  3. After that, we will send you an invoice for the pattern fee via the system.
  4. Please pay the pattern fee from the invoice (the payment method is the same as the online shop)
  5. Once payment is confirmed, we will send the thread and pattern together.

【please note】

  • The product price of the pattern is 1,100 yen to 3,300 yen. Basically, wears and shawls are 1,430 yen (tax included), and accessories are 1,100 yen (tax included).
  • According to an arrangement with the designer, we are only able to distribute the patterns to customers who have purchased a set of threads. Please note that we cannot sell the pattern alone.
  • Some patterns may not be available for sale. For example, we refuse to knit a pattern made by a certain yarn manufacturer to sell its own products with the yarn of another manufacturer.

Whether or not the pattern can be sold depends on the case, so if you have an inspiration, "I want to knit this pattern with that thread!", please feel free to contact us.

Please show us your wonderful works woven with your original combinations.
Happy knitting!