April 29, 2021

sewing season


I heard on the podcast the other day that the Shin-Tokyo store will also be offering sewing lessons, and I'm in high spirits. Besides, SEWING/FABRIC online shop is full of attractive items!

First of all, this is Merchant & Mills ribs, which was very popular last year.

The material is elastic like rubber, so it's perfect for the neck and waist. Every color combination is really nice, and even if you don't know what to use, you'll want them all.

We also had a lot of fabrics in stock.

Featuring contemporary graphic patterns from Atelier Brunette in Paris

Cotton gauze or viscose.

Nani IRO Textile 's exquisite shades of fabric.

A simple fabric from Daruma Fabric that looks cute no matter what you sew.

Oh they are all lovely! It's been a long time since I put out a sewing machine, so I think I'll start by making a bag or an apron.

It looks like the Merchant & Mills pattern will be in stock this week.

looking forward to.