October 14, 2022

Aimée is coming! (Part 2)

Aiméeがやってくる!(Part 2)

Well, at the La bien Aimée event this autumn, a lot of threads will be delivered along with Aimée. As for what kind of thread comes...

Corrie Worsted, which is used in the book Worsted, and Corrie Confetti , which has the same weight and the recycled yarn from La Bien Aimée's factory and atelier woven as speckles.

Helix is ​​beautifully dyed on a carefully blended lace yarn with a slight gray tint. Its Helix's sister thread Felix . This thread has a white base, so fluorescent colors and bright colors can be seen.

Another lace yarn, Kumo . It is a cloud-like soft thread of Suri Alpaca and Mulberry Silk, which was inspired by Aimée's last visit to Japan.

Merino Bouclé, who just debuted this spring, will also be there. If you knit a simple sweater or shawl with this fluffy and cute yarn, you will be able to create a wonderful work. It seems that it is also recommended to knit with lace thread.

In addition to this, a new thread that has not yet been announced will also appear. Oh, I'm looking forward to it. They will also bring a tote bag with a Japanese message for this event. I want to fill this bag with La bien Aimée yarn.

If you have tickets for the event, please look forward to it.

And here's some insider info. Some products will be available for sale in stores and online shops at a later date! Even if you can't come to the event at the Tokyo store, please enjoy it together.