May 11, 2019

A day in Kamakura


5 years ago when I decided to move to Kyoto. Actually, I wasn't sure whether to go to Kamakura or Kyoto. I made a lot of friends, and some people recommended me to move here.

In the end, I think it was really good that I chose Kyoto. A land pattern with many textile manufacturers, a place where handmade has taken root.

But I want to meet my friends in Kamakura, and I really like the place where I can spend a relaxing time. So I decided to make an excuse to go out. Let's do an event!

The venue is the "Machi no Employee Cafeteria" operated by the fun company KAYAC, which started a business in Kamakura and recently returned to Kamakura. A friend of mine was involved in its launch, so I was able to lend it to him during his free time on the weekend. The president, Mr. Yanagisawa, is also a person I respect very much, and I feel happy that I was able to connect with him.

Now what shall we do? My friend nao, who works at the Tokyo store, lives near Kamakura, so I planned a full day of workshops and knit cafes.

Nao and I have been talking for some time about wanting to hold a weaving workshop using a wire frame. It can be used as a basket, but of course it can also be used as a lampshade (originally a lampshade). A hand woven lampshade is wonderful. If you want to change the pattern, just reweave it. I wonder if it can also be a handy yarn ball.

Of course, you can also learn the basics of weaving. She used her wisdom to select materials so that even a beginner could make something cute. Would you like to increase the pop interior?

WS includes lunch. To my surprise, my friend Mami-san, who is a chef, showed her skill. She is a lady who runs catering and private dining, which is a little famous in Kamakura. I was also treated several times. I'm excited to be able to make lunch this time.

The last is a knit cafe. This is the same as the usual amirisu knit cafe, where everyone chats and knits together. After spending half a day in Kamakura, please come and have a tea break.

It's going to be a day like that. If possible, I would like to do it regularly, about once every two months. Please come and visit us for this first project.