November 01, 2021

Have You Knit These?
Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier

Have You Knit These? <br>Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier


"The first question I ask myself when designing knitwear is: How can I best organize the stitches to create the shape I want?  For me the “best" way is one that involves regular repeats and even spacing if at all possible, and for increases and decreases to be a design element rather than invisible.  I also typically design top-down, seamless garments simply because hand knitting allows for this approach, and it’s really satisfying to have the finished garment appear in front of you as you bind off the last stitch!

Vitamin D embodies all of these things. One day I saw a person wearing an unstructured jacket with a “waterfall” front.  When I arrived home, I quickly sketched it out and was thrilled it could be created largely with the use of regularly spaced increases - my favourite!  I was excited that I'd created something unique and original. 

After knitting it and trying it on through, I wasn't as excited, but shared it on Ravelry anyway.  People responded favourably and offered to test knit!  I had no idea (we never do...) that this design would prove to be so popular. It was a good lesson to learn early in my design career to not prejudge my own work, and instead take the chance and put it out into the world.  It’s been knit in many different yarns and I think the 100% linen ones may be my favourite.  Some people have also used self-striping yarns to accentuate the shapes, which really turns it into a statement piece!"


Photography & Makeup by Alexandra Feo.