November 01, 2022

HAVE YOU KNIT THESE? Relax by Ririko

HAVE YOU KNIT THESE? Relax by Ririko



“Sometimes I will look for a favorite item in my closet for design inspiration, or I’ll choose a piece to adapt into a knitted garment. This was what happened with Relax. I had a favorite tunic dress that I owned in three colors, I loved the boxy shape, the slightly fitted 3/4 length sleeves, and the wide neckline. I incorporated each of these details into my design and added eyelets to the sides for accents.

Although it was my first project as a designer, I didn’t have any significant issues knitting the sample. I still recall how delighted I was that it turned out exactly as I’d hoped. 

I believe that for many designers having the design fit beautifully on all sizes is a concern that requires special attention during the design process, as it’s not always possible for a designer to knit all the test sizes themselves.

I never dreamed that so many people would knit this design, and I am honestly surprised, but also very grateful and happy about it. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the different ways other knitters have made this design their own, adding different horizontal stripes, playing with bright colors, and other little tweaks. It’s a pleasure to know that others are having fun with my design. ”

Relax was originally published in amirisu issue 2 in 2013.