June 01, 2022

Have You Knit These?
The Shift by Andrea Mowry

Have You Knit These? <br>The Shift by Andrea Mowry


"This design began as a collaboration with Spincycle Yarns. They challenged me to come up with a fade design using their yarn, which really pushed me because each individual skein was almost a mini-fade unto itself! You can't try to "control" their yarn, and have to just enjoy where it takes you. I focused on moving with the color, using texture to smooth the transitions. I mixed this fun color & texture play with an accessory I thought would be fun to wear - a shawl-shaped cowl for those who have trouble styling shawls and prefer the ease of wearing cowls!

My original idea was a shawl, but I was limited to 3 skeins of yarn. Halfway through knitting the first sample I knew it wouldn't be big enough for my liking, so it was back to the drawing board! I needed to rethink how it could wear like a shawl, but use much less yardage. This was the solution! It also took me a while to settled on the final mosaic design. When I finished I wasn't sure anyone else would like it, but have been so thrilled by the response to it!

I love hearing how many people have knit more than one. I even met a knitter who was on her 8th! I think any designer would agree that seeing knitters make your pattern is the most rewarding feeling, but to see them return to it again and again - well there's just no comparison! My favorite part is that each one turns out unique. Even if you use the same colors, each Shift turns out as one-of-a-kind as the person knitting it!"

Photo courtesy of Andrea Mowry.