November 01, 2021

Have You Knit These?
Exploration Station by Stephen West

Have You Knit These? <br>Exploration Station by Stephen West



"My design process usually starts with yarn. I work a lot with one skein of each colorbecause that is how I collect yarn, and rarely buy a sweater quantity of one color. I chose four contrasting colors as the inspiration for Exploration Station. Repeating a color throughout the fabric by using a framing main color creates a balanced and harmonious style.

I love to improvise while I design and knit. I started by experimenting with short rows and I loved how the cascading short row waves formed a smooth semi-circle. 

The first short row section was very easy and fun to knit, so I challenged myself by adding a brioche section next. This was my first shawl that featured brioche stitch. When I designed this shawl, I recently learned to knit brioche from Nancy Marchant, and became hooked on this addicting and reversible stitch pattern. Many knitters learned how to brioche for the first time by knitting Exploration Station. I was very pleased with the final design because it contains simple sections along with some sections that require a bit more attention. Exploration Station never becomes boring to knit!

Seeing knitters interpret and modify my patterns is my favorite part about designing! I get so inspired when I see a color palette that is completely different from my original shawl. Knitting is all about creativity and making something unique and special. If you're going to make it by hand, make it grand!"

Photography & Makeup by Alexandra Feo.