November 01, 2022

Flaum by Justyna Lorkowska

 HAVE YOU KNIT THESE? <br>Flaum by Justyna Lorkowska


“The first thing I think of when I design anything is: “Will I really wear it?” I love knitting, but when I knit a garment or an accessory that I actually use, it makes me feel especially accomplished. I love sweaters that are comfortable; easy, yet interesting to make, and when they are flattering that’s even better. 

I remember making Flaum at the playground as that's where I did a lot of my work. Back then I had small kids and was spending a lot of my time at the playground, watching over my kids with a project in my lap. The initial calculations and grading actually happen in front of my computer, but once I’m done with the math, my projects begin to “travel” with me. I loved working on this cardigan as Fisherman’s rib is so simple and calming – you just need to follow the rows to avoid making mistakes. Don’t ask me how I know this though, I just do. 

One of the coolest (and mind-blowing) things about being a knitwear designer is seeing your designs on other people. I’ve been working in the field for over ten years but I’m still a bit overwhelmed when I see my design in real life. I love that Flaum has become so popular, I love seeing it on various bodies and in many yarns. It looks especially beautiful when made in some mohair combinations – almost like a fluffy cloud.”

Flaum was originally published in amirisu issue 8 in 2015.

Photo courtesy of Justyna Lorkowska.