September 03, 2022

What are you knitting?
ーTokyo shop editionー



Introducing the staff's knitting, this time Tamaki knitted by Hiromi Otsuru from the WALNUT Tokyo shop!

Hiromi, who is also a knitting teacher and a model for magazines, chose Tamaki, which is featured in the Travel book. I asked her about this work.

- Please tell me why you chose this yarn and color.

I thought it would be nice to have a refreshing finish with Trek like the sample, but I chose Jasper (green) from Parade because it was perfect for my mood and I thought I could wear it until autumn.”

- Where is your favorite place?

"I didn't like the scanty clothing, so I made it loose in size L. I wanted to make the sleeves more oversized, so I changed to the largest size. I like the sense of size and the loose feeling.

I could find the perfect buttons in our Tokyo shop! ”


It suits her very well! It seems that it was too hot to wear in the middle of summer, but it seems to be useful from the end of summer to autumn.

Now she is knitting Breeze of amirisu24 and Lucca which she was interested in at the shawl event. Please show us your finished work.

Thank you, Hiromi!