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August 19, 2021

[ Evol]
P.107 Right body circumference 2: P 10 (12, ....., SM, K to the end .

P.110 Chart C size XS
Three first stitches (blank squares) in Rows 15-17 were missing.

P.110 Chart C Size XS
The first square (white square) of row 15-17 is missing.

P.115 Stitch Guide
Br4st Dec (Brioche 4 sts Decrease): Slip next 2 sts individually, move the slipped stitches back to LH needle by inserting LH needle into the first slipped stitch then second stitch on RH needle, so that stitch order is now reversed. Slip next 3 sts as if to work K3tog, slip last stitch on RH needle back to LH needle, BrK next 3 sts together, pass 2 slipped sts on RH needle oner. 4 sts decreased.