August 19, 2021

Issue 15

[Scandic Nordic Mittens]
P.59 Instructions for thumbs

After mitten is complete remove waste yarn and place 11 sts onto needles, pick up 11 sts from CO and one st in each thumb corner, 24 sts total. knit in St st for approximately 2”.
If using dpns:
K12, PM, K to end.
*SSK, K to 2 sts before M, K2tog; repeat from * . 4 sts decreased.
Repeat decrease round 3 more times, 8 sts remaining. Pull tightly to close.
(If using 2 24” circulars distribute sts evenly, no need for st markers as decreases occur at beg and end of needle.)

P. 59 How to Knit the Thumb After knitting the body, move the resting stitches to the needles and pick up 11 stitches from the CO and 1 stitch from each side. Total 24 stitches.
For hour hands:
K12, PM, K to the end.
*SSK, K, K2tog until 2 blocks before the marker;
Repeat the reduction 3 more times, leaving 8 stitches. Tighten the thread and close.
(When using two circular needles, divide the stitches evenly. No markers are needed as the stitches are reduced at the beginning and end of each needle.)


Scheme / scheme diagram
Sleeve length: 16½ (16¾, 16¾, 17) (17, 17, 17¼, 17¼)"/42 (42.5, 42.5, 43.5) (43.5, 43.5, 44, 44) cm