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Issue 14

August 19, 2021

[Pink Pine Pair]
Rnd 2 (WS): ...., change to MC, P 28 (32, 36, 40) , change to CC, .....

Deleted 2 lines after "How to knit" and 2 lines after "hem part". Start with the smaller ~.
Fingertip circumference 2 (WS): ..., replacing MC, P 28 (32, 36, 40) , replacing CC, ......

Work in the Risotto Stitch until piece measures 5 (4¾, 5, 5¼, 4¾, 5)" / 12.5 (12, 12.5, 13, 12, 12.5) cm from underarm, ending with a RS row.

front body
Knit straight with Risotto Stitch until it measures 12.5 (12, 12.5, 13, 12, 12.5) cm from the side.

Rnd 21: Work in pattern to 1 st before M, *M1PR, K1, SM, K1, M1PL, [K1, P1] to 2 sts before M, K1 ; repeat from * 3 times, work in pattern to end.

Body circumference 21: Knit according to pattern until 1st stitch before M, *M1PR, K1, SM, K1, M1PL, Repeat [K1, P1] until 2nd stitch before M, K1 ; Repeat from * 3 times, Pattern to the end Knit the street

Chart Key
Symbol for 1/2 RC should be a mirrored symbol of 1/2 LC. (Single slash slanting to right)

chart key
The symbol for 1/2 RC is the reverse symbol for 1/2 LC. (The slanted line in front goes from the upper right to the lower left)

Third leaf pattern Chart
The 21st stitch on Rnd 8 should be SSK. The 23rd stitch on Rnd 8 should be K2tog.

Third leaf pattern The 21st on chart lap 8 is SSK, and the 23rd is K2tog.

Chart Key
Definition of the 6th symbol from top: P into front and K tbl in the back
Definition of the 7th symbol from top: K into back and P in the front

6th symbol from top of chart key: P in front loop, K tbl in back loop
7th symbol from top: K for back loop, P for front loop

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