August 19, 2021

Issue 10

Garter-tab cast on
With MC, make a stitch with your finger to make CO3. Make the first stitch slippery, 10 rows K. Rotate the knitted fabric 90° clockwise. Pick up the fifth stitch from the side. Rotate 3 stitches from the beginning of knitting .

Chart 4C
YO circled in red is an error, Knit the stitch instead.
Read as no stitch where blue line is located, also move the P to left.
The red circled part is not knitted, and all knitted with K.
Delete the blue line part and move P to the left like an arrow.

Before the last bind <br>Next row (RS): K3, YO 2 times, K2 , *K1, YO, Sk2p, YO, * from last to 6 stitches (all markers in RM ), K3 , Knit YO twice, K3. Add 4 stitches, total 419 stitches.